WebFEM: A Web Application for Distributed Numerical Simulations

L. Ferrario, C. Armaroli, E. Betta, and P. Conci (Italy)


Finite Element Methods, Webbased simulation, ObjectOriented implementation, Computer cluster


In this work we present the research project aimed to designing and implementing WebFEM, a Web application for the efficient simulation of engineering problems whose solution is based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). WebFEM is accessible through the Web, and the final user interfaces are the most common Web browser pages. The architecture of the simulator has been accurately designed in order to allow an easy distribution of the computation over cluster of computers linked on the Web. The programming tools used for the implementation have been chosen in order to get portable and flexible Web software, also suited for educational purposes. The distributed architecture allows using WebFEM in advanced application contexts, like distance learning and simulation activities of distributed working teams.

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