PanoVi: A Multi-Camera Panoramic Movie System by using Client-Side Image Mosaicking

M. Doi and T. Yamamoto (Japan)


Panoramic Movie, Image Mosaicking, Texture Mapping, DirectX, Virtual Reality


We introduce a panoramic movie system that can capture and play 360-degree viewing angle. The system captures surround movie by using four wide-angle video cameras, and then the video streams are encoded as a single stream of common video format. At the viewing side, geomet ric correction and image mosaicking are performed in real time by using 3D graphics accelerator hardware. By map ping the mosaic on the inside wall of a cylinder in 3D space, the viewing system renders partial view of an ar bitrary direction as a virtual environment. This approach is suitable for real-time transmission of panoramic movie be cause this system uses standard video format in the trans mission layer. We developed a prototype system based on the Windows and DirectX8 environments. We confirmed full-rate interactive panoramic movie playback on com modity Pentium 4-based PCs.

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