Computing Simulation of Driving System – "Ship/Piston Compressor – Electric Motor" (BKKE)

A Munitic, Z. Kulenovic, and J. Dvornik (Croatia)


System dynamics, modelling, asynchronous motor, ship/spiston compressor, continuous and discrete simulation.


System dynamic simulating modeling is one of the most appropriate and successful scientific dynamics modeling method of the complex, non-linear, natural, technical and organizational systems. Investigation of behavior dynamics of the ship/s propulsion system as one of the complex, dynamic, non-linear technical systems requires application of the most efficient modeling methods. The aim of this essay is to present the efficiency of the application of the system dynamic simulating modeling in investigation of behavior dynamics of the BKKE driving system. Ship/s piston compressor and its driving electric motor, i.e. in this case, asynchronous motor shall be presented in the POWERSIM simulation language i.e. mental-verbal, structural and mathematical computing modules. System dynamic models are essentially continuous models since the realities have been demonstrated by a set of non-linear differential equation, i.e. "equations of conditions", however they are at the same time discrete ones because their principle time interval calculation i.e. (discretisation) sampling "DT" is determined in full compliance with (Sampling Theorem) by Shannon and Koteljnikov.

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