How to Reduce AMHS Control System Costs with Simulation Models

I. McGregor (USA)


Control System, PLC, Industrial Automation, DiscreteEvent Simulation.


Developing control systems for Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) is often a long process based on decades-old wiring diagram methodologies, and as such is extremely error-prone. This paper describes how simulation models are developed to provide realistic feedback to industrial control systems in a way that covers much of the system testing and debugging that is otherwise necessary during the commissioning phase of the project. The effect that this approach has on the final system quality, ramp time and inevitable future modifications is also covered, as is the effect on overall project return on investment (ROI). Simulation models are also used in developing operational procedures for use in AMHS. Models of this type can influence layout and dimensioning decisions and significantly reduce the risks and costs associated with these choices. The implementation of this technology from both the integrator and the end user's standpoint is considered.

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