Development of an Open Source Chemical Process Simulator

R. Cota, M. Satyro, C. Morris, B. Svrcek, and B. Young (Canada)


Open Source, Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Process Simulator,sim42.


The importance of chemical process simulators is well documented, as they are important tools for modeling plants, while providing opportunities for optimization and debottlenecking of current processes. Available commercial simulators follow a traditional method of development, which hides the source code from the users thus relying on a closed, black-box approach. Over the last decade, open source software has grown as a near optimal solution for the development of robust and reliable applications using minimal formal resources. Open source is an innovative solution for the development of a state of the art process simulator that would pool talent from a large audience while providing individual users with an in-depth knowledge of its workings and freedom to perform any desired modifications without the need of pursing special agreements with software companies. This in turn fosters the development of new applications for process simulation originally unseen by the original software developers. The design of the simulator follows good software practice where modules are created with well defined interfaces thus allowing parallel and decentralized development. Individual modules can be replaced by special custom modules or commercially available tools.

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