Simulation of CNC-Milling Process using Dual Resolution Voxel Model

Y.C. Chen (USA)


CNC-milling, voxel model, CNCsimulation, envelope


In conventional computer numerical control (CNC) simulations, the stock removed from the work piece by the cutting tool of the milling machine is considered as the Boolean difference between the work piece and the envelope of tool swept volume along the tool path. The formulation for computing the envelope, which involves solving partial differential equations, is very complicated. In this paper, an approximated method based on the voxel model using dual resolutions is proposed. Using the voxel model, the envelope calculation mentioned above can be avoided. The voxel model, or exhaustive enumeration scheme, renders several fundamental advantages for the representation of complex objects. In order to obtain higher computational efficiency and consume less memory, two groups of voxels at different resolutions are used. A prototype simulator was built to support the above statements.

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