Reduced-order Modelling using PRONY's Approximation Method

M. Mansour and A. Mehrotra (USA)


Model-order reduction, Pade approximation, Prony's method, Bilinear transformation


In this paper, we propose a new model-order reduction technique for linear dynamic systems. The idea behind this technique is to transform the dynamic system function from the s-domain into the z-domain via the bilinear transfor mation, then use Prony's [1] least-squares approximation method instead of the commonly employed Pade approx imation method, and finally transform the reduced system back into the s-domain using the inverse bilinear transfor mation. Simulation results for large practical systems show that this technique based on Prony's method gives much higher accuracy than the traditional Pade method, and re sults in lower-order approximations without significant in crease in simulation time.

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