Development of Operational Transconductance Amplifier based Bandpass Filters

B.N. Ray, P. Pachoudhuri, P.K. Nandi (India), and P. Ghosh (USA)


Operational Transconductance Amplifier, Analog Design, Signal Flow Graph, Band Pass Filter.


: Growing popularity of analog and mixed signal ICs and the absence of a general synthesis methodology and associated CAD tools for the realization of analog functions has provided the impetus to explore innovative analog design tools for CMOS VLSI implementation. Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA), by being an excellent active current mode device with wide band capability, is a high potential candidate for the development of integrated analog circuits. Its simple, regular, modular, and programmable structure suits very well with the VLSI implementation. We have developed a general synthesis methodology and a CAD tool to synthesize linear analog functions with a network of OTAs. Our analysis indicates that the programmable structure of the OTA network allows one to synthesize different types of filters. In this presentation we will discuss synthesis of band pass filter along with a brief description of our design methodology based on signal flow technique. This technique provides an avenue to reduce the required chip area, a very important factor, which needs to be considered for the VLSI circuit development. In this talk we will present our approach in synthesizing band pass filter and the simulation results, which indicate that the filter is capable of operating in the MHz range. Discussion will also include the results of the experimental verification of the simulated response of the filter under consideration.

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