Discrete Bandwidth Allocation Considering Session Load and Fairness in Optical Multicast Network

C.Y. Lee, H.K. Cho, and H.-Y. Jung (Korea)


layered multicast, fairness, WDM


Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is emerging as a key technology in communication networks. In WDM network, multicast is important issue for providing various applications. Layered multicast protocols such as RLM [1] and LVMR [2] are proposed to settle the network heterogeneity. The fair bandwidth allocation can be implemented by the layered transmission in multicast network. To serve each multicast traffic at a fair rate commensurate with the receiver's capabilities and the capacity of the path of the traffic different numbers of layers are used by each traffic. Thus, reducing the number of layers for multicast sessions is also important to prohibit excessive overheads in multicast traffic. The bandwidth allocation problem considering fairness and the session load is formulated as a nonlinear integer programming problem. To solve the fairness problem a dual objective tabu search is developed based on the intensification and diversification. Outstanding performance is obtained by the proposed tabu search in various multicast networks. The effectiveness of the tabu search becomes more powerful as the network size increases.

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