A Survey of Routing and Wavelength Assignment Schemes in Wavelength Routed Optical Networks: Static Case

J.S. Choi (Korea)


Routing and wavelength assignment protocol, Routing al gorithm, Wavelength assignment algorithm, Static algo rithm, Wavelength routed optical networks


In this paper, we give an overview of well-known rout ing and wavelength assignment (RWA) algorithms, and de velop a novel classification for some of their algorithmic features. The objective of this paper is to show functional aspects of routing and wavelength assignment algorithms in wavelength routed optical networks. Based on this clas sification, we compare different solutions for each cate gory. Several challenges and trade-offs are identified. Al though no algorithm is a clear winner in our study, advan tages and disadvantages of several functional characteris tics are discussed so that a system developer make a rea sonable choice among candidate algorithms. In this study, we consider algorithms for only the off-line model (static traffic condition).

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