A Java SIP Interface for Connected Limited Devices

M. Debbabi, L. Ketari, and H. Yahyaoui (Canada)


Embedded Systems, Wireless Devices, Java, J2ME/CLDC, SIP, KVM, JAIN.


With the proliferation of wireless devices, networks and systems, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is emerging as a cornerstone in the protocol stack of next generation services and applications. The main intent of this paper is to discuss the integration of an embedded SIP stack within a J2ME/CLDC platform. Such integration poses challeng ing and interesting technical problems in terms of footprint, performance, portability and implementation. We present an architecture together with a design and an implementa tion of an API that provides viable solutions to these prob lems. In particular, we discuss how both the Java SIP inter face and the embedded stack interact within a J2ME/CLDC virtual machine through native method calls and callbacks. Furthermore, we discuss how our implementation has been interfaced with MIDP to support interactive embeddable Java SIP applications. Finally, we compare the elaborated interface with the standard JAIN SIP and JAIN SIP-Lite in terfaces.

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