A New Algorithm for RP selection in PIM-SM Multicast Routing

H.A. Harutyunyan and X. Dong (Canada)


Multicast, RP selection, algorithm


The Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) protocol establishes a core-based tree to forward multicast datagrams in a network. In the previous works on the RP selection, an artificial cost function was always used to calculate the cost of the multicasting tree. It can just get an approximate re sult comparing with the real tree cost. Consequently, it affected the accuracy of the RP selection obviously. Moreover, PIM-SM provisionally uses administrative selection or simple heuristics for locating the center of a group, but doesnt preclude the use of other methods that provide an ordered list of centers. As the sources and receivers in the multicast group join and leave the group, a bad result may occur in terms of high cost, delay, and overhead. In this paper we investigate the problem of finding a good center in centralized fashion, propose a new algorithm for the real tree cost calculation function and a new algorithm for RP selection in PIM-SM Multicast Routing, and examine them in a virtual network environment. We also present simulation results to show that the new algorithms can provide better results than other algorithms.

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