On the Relation of Fuzzy and Annotated Logics

S. Akama (Japan), J.M. Abe (Brazil), and T. Murai (Japan)


fuzzy logic, annotated logic, fuzzy annotated logic, possibilistic annotated logic, soft computing.


Fuzzy reasoning is one of the central subjects in soft com puting. However, there are many versions of fuzzy logics in the literature. As a consequence, we need a general ap proach to fuzzy logic with a computational proof method. In this paper, we try to lay out a desirable basis using the so-called annotated logics to generalize fuzzy logics. First, we present annotated logics. Next, we introduce fuzzy an notated logics and discuss the relation to Lee's fuzzy logic and operator fuzzy logic. Third, we extend annotated log ics in view of possibilty theory. These investigations can motivate different view of fuzzy systems.

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