Multi-category Classification of Ground Vehicles using Fuzzy Logic Rule-based Classifiers: Early Results

H. Wu and J.M. Mendel (USA)


type-2 fuzzy logic system, classifier, ground vehicle,acoustic, majority voting


In this paper we present our preliminary investigation for the multiple-category classification of ground vehicles based on their acoustic emissions. By analyzing the fea tures within each run and across runs, we found that the run-means and run-standard-deviations of the features vary from run to run for all kinds of vehicles, and we there fore used type-2 fuzzy sets to model the uncertainties con tained in these features and constructed a type-2 fuzzy logic rule-based classifier (FL-RBC). To evaluate the type 2 FL-RBC in a fair way, we also constructed the Bayesian classifier and type-1 FL-RBC, and compared their perfor mances through leave-one-out experiments. Our experi ments showed that the type-2 FL-RBC has the best perfor mance among all three classifiers, and the adaptive process ing of block decisions based on the majority voting strategy can greatly improve the classifier's performance.

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