Password based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol

W.-H. Kim, H.-S. Kim, S.-W. Lee, and K.-Y. Yoo (Korea)


Security, Password authentication, Key exchange


From Seo and Sweeney proposed SAKA (Simple Authenticated Key agreement Algorithm), many SAKA variants were proposed to cope with the weaknesses in SAKA. But, they are vulnerable to off-line password guessing attack. This paper proposes PAKE (Password based Authenticated Key Exchange protocol) and 3-way PAKE. These are designed to cope with Man-in-the-middle attack and off-line password guessing attack and provide perfect forward secrecy. To solve the vulnerability of former protocols, keyed one-way hash function is used in the process of key verification. To examine our protocol's security, we provide a formal proof of security. With additional hashing process our protocols solves all weakness in SAKA and its variants.

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