Trend Analysis and Projection for Dynamic Decision Making in Patient Monitoring

T.E. Etters, T.W. Schneringer, and S.L. Mabry (USA)


Data Filtering, Trend Analysis, Trend Projection, Fuzzy Logic


Physicians and nurses must review and process large quantities of dynamic information as they treat patients and determine various diagnoses, often under severe time constraints and in a demanding environment. This paper discusses the application of trend analysis and projection to assist physicians in the diagnostic process. The Intelligent Monitoring Agents (IM-Agents) project utilizes multi-agents to monitor and provide diagnostics of patients in an effort to aid clinicians in healthcare. Several specialized and autonomous agent types are intended to provide current analysis and future projection of a patient's status. It is also intended to offer early intervention recommendations. Utilizing data filtering, trend analysis, fuzzy logic and connection networks, the system employs a qualitative logic solver to dynamically make decisions, assisting healthcare professionals in their diagnostic analysis.

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