Construction of Variable-weight Optical Orthogonal Codes using Genetic Algorithms

C.K. Ho, Y.P. Singh, and S.W. Lee (Malaysia)


Soft Computing, Genetic algorithms, Optical communications, variable weight spreading codes.


This paper proposes a novel way of constructing variable-weight optical orthogonal codes (vw-OOCs) through the use of genetic algorithms (GA). The deployment of vw-OOCs in optical Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) local area networks provides the support for multimedia applications with multiple performance requirements. Previous vw-OOC design efforts concentrated on the use of number theory. This technique is rigid and limits code availability. We propose genetic algorithms to construct vw-OOCs. Furthermore, we provide the representation, fitness function, selection, and genetic operators for vw-OOC design. Finally, we discuss the results obtained from the simulations to demonstrate the GA performance to build vw-OOCs .

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