Tuning of PID Controller of Dead Time Process using Immune based on Multiobjective

D.H. Kim (Korea)


PID control; Steam temperature control; Immune algorithm, Multiobjective control, Auto-tuning


: Dead time processes exist widely in many types of systems such as chemical processes, biomedical processes, and the main steam temperature control system of the thermal power plant. Up to the present time, PID Controller has been used to operate this system. However, it is very difficult to achieve an optimal PID gain with no experience, since the gain of the PID controller has to be manually tuned by trial and error. The conventional PID controller to connected to theses plants are also tuned with a reduction of gain so that overall stability can be obtained. This results in poor performance of control. This paper suggests tuning method of the PID Controller for steam temperature process with long dead time using immune based multiobjective approach through computer simulation. Tuning technique of multiobjective based on immune algorithms in this paper can be used effectively in tuning of PID controllers.

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