Use of Multiagents System for Simulation in Systems Biology

G. Querrec, V. Rodin, J.F. Abgrall, S. Kerdelo, and J. Tisseau (France)


multiagent, systems biology, "in virtuo" simulation, MAPK pathway


Since emergence of molecular biology, one has improved knowledge about intracellular network controlling living cell. In parallel, advances in mathematic and computer sci ence allow to simulate such complex phenomena. More over, most methods need a global resolution of the system which makes it difficult to be created and modified. We propose, in this study, a distributed approach by multia gent system, to simulate MAPK pathway. Moreover, we are able to integrate this model in an agent-cell to imple ment his behavior. We believe that multiagents systems are good candidates for systems biology simulation. We give in this study an example of"in virtuo" simulation, i.e. model perturbation during its execution.

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