A Medical Imaging Authentication Technique

C.M. Hsu, H.M. Chao, and S.H. Twu (Taiwan)


Medical imaging, authentication, non-repudiation, and detecting.


A medical imaging authentication mechanism with non-repudiation, proof of origin and message integrity capabilities is proposed in this paper. The non-repudiation capability is achieved with three components: (1) users' secret keys, (2) an authentication server (AS), and (3) a pair of sender private keys. These components are used to prevent the third party from forgery and secure access control. The proposed approach also can prevent the sender or the receiver from denying their transmission being made or accepted. Proof of origin and message integrity functions are supported if the sender's secret keys can be detected correctly at the receiver. The experimental results show that any distortion such as compression, noising, filtering, and little pixels stained on the medical image would disable detecting the sender's secret keys.

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