A Contact-less Cardiac Frequency Detection System for Premature Newborns

W. Hassan and G. Farges (France)


Heart rate, premature newborns, sensors, signal processing. I-


: This work is an attempt to realize a contact-less media of measurement systems for the recording of the cardiac signal, respiratory signal, heart rate, etc... This series will initiate by studying the feasibility and realizing a system capable of measuring the heart rate of a newborn avoiding direct contact with his body. A piezoelectric sensor was employed to measure the heart rate by detecting the micro movements of the newborn body associated to the ejection of blood in the aorta. A newborn model combined with a solenoid system that works as a simulator of heart biomechanics, was used to generate the micro movements of the newborn body. The output signal was driven to an amplifier and a filter and then recorded by a digital oscilloscope to serve in further signal processing. Results revealed the efficiency of the method used especially after applying filtering techniques.

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