Loosening and Migration of Acetabular Cup into Pelvis

J. Jírová, M. Micka, J. Jíra, A. Sosna, and D. Pokorný (Czech Republic)


Orthopaedics, FEM Modelling, Acetabular Cup Migration


The paper deals with loosening and migration of acetabular cup into the pelvis that belongs to the most serious therapeutic complications arising sometimes several months to years after operation. In the operation records of the Orthopaedic Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague the implants of conical acetabular cups, which migrated across lamina in the course of several years, were retrieved and evaluated (Fig.1). By using computational model: pelvic bone acetabular cup endoprosthesis head we considered the geometry of acetabular cups (spherical and conical), fixation (cemented, non-cemented, by screws) and interaction with bone tissue. We concentrated on the research of contact stresses and strains. Just at the contact between bone and artificial material of the implant we can observe overloading or on the contrary insufficient loading of the trabecular bone tissue and undesirable micromotion of the acetabular implant.

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