Analyzis of a New Femur Lengthening Surgery

Z. Zörgő, A. Hajdu, S. Manó, Z. Csernátony, and S. Molnár (Hungary)


femur, lengthening, FEM, FEA, surgery planning


Medical imaging and visualization made possible the appearance of new technologies and applications aiming to help practicing medical crew. A very special branch of these applications is intended for the operative surgery field. Combining technologies like medical imaging and finite element analysis, we can test theoretical operations and help surgeons to find suitable interventions in concrete medical situations, before even one cut is made. In this paper we present a special surgical intervention for human femur lengthening. Our aim is to analyze the perspectives of this new technique by the help of finite element analysis. Some of our related works and future plans are presented as well. # Research supported by OTKA grants T032361, F043090 and IKTA4-0006/2001.

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