Development of Simulated Implantation System for Artificial Hip Joint based on Biomechanical Analysis using Finite Element Model

Y.H. Kim, J.K. Kim, J.K. Kim, and K. Choi (Korea)


artificial hip joint, femur, simulated implantation system,closeness of fit, finite element model


A computer-simulated implantation system for artificial hip joint is developed. The main objective of this system is to assist surgeons in their selection of an artificial femur that best fits the patient and in their decision of the optimal surgical position before surgery. We first constructed three dimensional images of patients' femur and implants, and then measured the closeness of fit between them. We propose a new numerical index for the closeness of fit measurement. Although various tests and analyses have confirmed the accuracy and superiority of the proposed numerical index, biomechanical analyses of this new index are still lacking. Therefore, we conducted the finite element analysis of two artificial hip joints with different closeness of fit index values.

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