Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Mechanical Performance of the Mennen Femur Plate

C.A. Pappas, P.G. Young, and A.J.C. Lee (UK)


FE Modelling, Periprosthetic Fracture, Fracture fixation,Mennen Plate


Mennen Clamp-on plates have been used for fracture fixation of small and medium long bones for more than 20 years. After successful results in metacarpal and forearm fractures, the plate was further developed for use in periprosthetic fractures of weight bearing bones, such as the femur (Mennen Femur Plate). The aim of this preliminary study was to analyse the design of the Mennen Femur Plate. Detailed two and three dimensional finite element models were developed, to study the load deformation response and the Von Mises distribution in the surface of the implant. To be able to predict mechanical failure, the finite element models should accurately predict stresses and strains. Thus the results were validated relative to experimental load and displacement. The objective was an overall agreement within 10% between the results from experimental and numerical approaches. The results of the present preliminary study demonstrate that the current finite element model is sufficiently accurate to be used to predict deformation and stress. Computer simulation using the finite element approach was used to evaluate the design of a novel implant and identify the influence of minor and major modifications in the overall mechanical performance of the implant.

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