Kinematic Characteristics of Degenerative and Induced Spondylolisthetic Lumbar Spine

K.-H. Tsai, W. Shih, L.-T. Chang, R.-M. Lin, and G.-L. Chang (Taiwan)


lumbosacral, degenerative, induced, spondylolisthesis, kinematics


Lumbosacral instability has been thought to be a significant contributor to low back pain. The purposes of this study are to investigate the differences of lumbosacral kinematics between degenerative and induced spondylolisthesis subjects, and understand the evolution of lumbosacral instability. Nineteen subjects with spondylolisthesis were taken lateral radiographs at three positions including flexion, standing and extension. The result shows that differences of angulation among three positions at different levels are statistically significant (p<0.05) in both spondylolisthetic groups. The differences of translation among three different positions in induced spondylolisthetic group have a statistical significance (p<0.05) except at the level of L5-S1 (p>0.05).

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