Pre- and Postoperative Temporal Gait Analysis of Female Hip Monoarthritic Patients Operated with Cementless Hip Replacement: A 3-Year Study

V. Kyriazis (Greece)


temporal parameters, gait analysis, hip monoarthritis


Temporal gait analysis was performed on 5 groups of female subjects who were suffering hip monoarthritis with a conductive walkway system using telemetry. 61 were studied preoperatively, while postoperatively 52 were assessed at 6 months, 45 at 1 year, 28 at 2 and at 3 years after the operation. Each subject performed 3 runs with normal and 3 with fast speed. The assessed parameters are the gait cycle (s), gait speed (m/s), single and double support and single step duration (% cycle). Single support and speed were found critical in estimating the operation's course. Significant improvement in all parameters was achieved postoperatively for both walking speeds, mainly during the first year and secondarily during the second year. After that, a minimum of changes occurred.

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