The Influence of Projectile Mass and Velocity on the Response of the Brain to Blunt Impact

S.R. Rodriges, E.A.C. Johnson, and P.G. Young (UK)


Head injury, Finite element, Analytical Model, Rapid Prototype


An analytical model to predict the response of the human head to blunt impact has been developed by one of the authors [1]. The predictions from this model are validated both numerically and experimentally using finite element and rapid prototypes models generated from MRI scans obtained in vivo. The influence of both impactor mass and velocity on the intracranial response was explored and particular emphasis was placed on: (1) establishing the onset of high dynamic pressure transients in the brain; (2) determining the limits of applicability of a geometrically linear system model. Results from this modelling exercise will be presented with a discussion on the implications for the types of brain injuries clinically observed. The likelihood and conditions under which cavitation might occur in the brain not just at the contre-coup site but also at the coup site will be discussed.

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