Multifingers Manipulation Modeling with Thumb Abduct-opposed Motions under Muscle Activations

T. Tsuta, T. Iwamoto, T. Nakaya, and K. Ishikawa (Japan)


Multifingers Hand, Multibody Dynamics, Pinching Task Analysis, Muscle Activation Dynamics, Thumb Abduct Opposed Motion


Multifingers hand of a living human driven by muscle activation has been analysed using multibody dynamics approach, based on the updated Lagrange method. Combined it with thumb corotational, (i.e. abduct-opposed) motions, a coupled dynamics of the joint angular motion and joint torque, driven by countermuscle activations during the pinching task of multifingers hand have been formulated. An exclusive computer system has been developed and the applicabilities of the system has been successfully verified through some applications.

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