Measurement of Material Properties of Cancellous Bone using Small Specimens and Optical Identification Method

O. Jiroušek, J. Jírová, and D. Vavřík (Czech Republic)


material properties, cancellous bone, apparent density, computed tomography, finite element method


The article reports on development of experimental procedures used for evaluation of mechanical properties of cancellous bone using small samples of cylindrical shape. The procedure utilizes a method of optical identification for measuring the bone strains, enabling to avoid problems with extensometer placement and to detect problems with specimen fixture.The method is also usable for evaluation of viscoelastic properties of the cancellous bone. Both compressive and tensile specimens are tested while for the strain measurement an optical method utilizing CCD camera of high resolution is used. The procedure will be further used to validate finite element models of whole bones with material properties based on the apparent density in Hounsfield units obtained from computer tomography scans and to assess the usability of those models to predict the whole bone failure under different loading conditions.

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