On the Non-destructive Determination of the Mechanical Response State in Biomaterials: A Pattern Recognition and Classification Approach

Y.M. Haddad (Canada)


Biomaterials, Non-destructive, Quantitative, Patternrecognition, Classification, Mechanical-response-state.


This paper deals with a new approach to determine quantitatively the mechanical response state of biomaterials, as based on acousto-ultrasonics (AU), in conjunction with a pattern recognition and classification methodology. AU-stress waves are simulated in the microstructure of the material to resemble acoustic-emission waves but without disrupting the material, i.e., without the simultaneous application of an external loading. The multi-interactions of such waves with the microstructure result in complicated waveforms that are quite difficult to analyse. In this, the presented approach aims at the analysis of the captured signals with the use of Pattern-recognition and Classification methodologies. Case studies concerning homogeneous and heterogeneous classes of material specimens that were previously subjected to various types of loading are presented. The approach has the important potential of determining non-destructively the ultimate mechanical strength of a biomaterial in a quantitative manner.

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