Hydrodynamic Characterisation of the Decellularised Intact Porcine Aortic Valve

S. Korossis, H. Wilcox, K. Watterson, J. Kearney, E. Ingham, and J. Fisher (UK)


Tissue engineering, heart valves, hydrodynamics


We have previously reported that treatment of porcine aortic leaflets with sodium-dedocyl-sulfate (SDS) produced complete leaflet acellularity without affecting the tissue strength significantly [1, 2]. This paper focuses on the effect of the particular treatment on the hydrodynamic performance of the intact porcine aortic valve. Fresh porcine aortic roots were treated with 0.1%(w/v) SDS in hypotonic buffer and subjected to simulated pulsatile flow. The decellularised valves presented complete leaflet competence under physiological pressures, increased dilation and effective orifice areas, and reduced transvalvular pressure gradients compared to the fresh, untreated roots. The excellent hydrodynamics of the decellularised valves treated with SDS form a promising platform for the creation of an acellular scaffold with adequate strength and functionality to accommodate in vitro cell repopulation.

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