Development of Intelligent Product Design System using Design DNA

H. Koh, S. Ha, T. Kim (Korea), W.-K. Kim (USA), and S.-H. Lee (Korea)


Design, Intelligent product design, knowledge acquisition,knowledge synthesis.


Critical issues in product design system are how to increase system's adaptability to customer needs as well as how to manage various types of knowledge. Due to the short life cycles and the similarities of products, designers' experience and knowledge are utilized more extensively than their creativity in industrial practices. In this work, an intelligent product design system has been developed in order to relieve them of the routine works of modifying products for new design. In order to manage the rapidly changing design knowledge, Design DNA method is proposed for knowledge expression and management. Design DNA facilitates rearrangement of design knowledge and promotes the flexibility of knowledge structure. An intelligent product design system has been developed for the design of automatic transmission lever assembly of passenger cars as an example.

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