Aviation Anti-terrorist Instrumentation

U. Strasilla (USA)


Aerospace, Real Time Control, Adaptive Control, Simulation, Terrorist Prevention, Automatic Landing


The purpose of this project is prevention of airplanes being hijacked by placing them into a "safe mode". If terrorists threaten to overtake an airplane, either the pilot may put the plane into an automatic mode by the push of a button, or, if that is not possible, the plane will switch itself into that mode, once it senses that it is forced to fly outside of the envelope of a preplanned flight. The plane's actual position determined by a Global Positioning System (GPS) is constantly monitored and checked whether it is within a predetermined corridor. If the instrumentation senses that the corridor is penetrated, then it will search a computer-based library to find a suitable airport for an emergency landing. Routinely vectors to the airport will be calculated and the plane will steer itself onto that vector. In the vicinity of the airport a landing sequence will be initiated to allow a safe landing. LabView, a graphical programming language, is used to implement the software. This paper will address the software issues and hardware implementation.

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