Automatic Identification of Control Parameters in Stance Posture Control System

M. Kikuchi (Japan)


System Identification, Swaying of Center of Gravity, Parametric Method, Estimation of Dead Time


This paper is concerned with a method of identifying macro parameters in the control system of human dynamics. In particular, this paper has focused attention on disturbances in the center of gravity in the human stance posture control system as the central research theme. In the first step, this paper has constructed a system to measure the sway of center of gravity in human beings. The sway of gravity of a subject standing on one foot is measured two dimensionally. The characteristics of the stance posture control system were then determined using a lateral sway of center of gravity and input signal. For the second step, a mathematical model for the stance posture control system was utilized while considering the human internal construction. Finally, control parameters of the internal arrangement of the human body were determined through comparison of the characteristics and mathematical model obtained from the system identification. The results have shown that it was possible to indirectly obtain a dead time, and several feedback coefficients in the posture control system.

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