Modeling Precision Insertion Tasks based on Sensory Movements

Y. Yamamoto, T. Yoneyama, and T. Hashimoto (Japan)


Assembly, Peg insertion, Polygon mirror, Force sensing, Moment sensor


This paper investigates a high-precision insertion pro cess from the viewpoint of sensory information. Toler ance considered in the present study is approximately 5 m. Currently the assembly task is being conducted by skilled human workers. In order to analyze the in sertion task, we focus on force and moment informa tion and inclination measurements. Conventional ap proach, i.e., a position-based analysis, is not appropri ate for such a narrow dimensional tolerance because it is unlikely that human operators conduct the task based on position information. This paper presents a newly developed, high-sensitivity moment sensor and experimental results in high-precision insertion tasks by which the insertion tasks are analyzed based on mea surements of forces, moments and part configurations.

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