An Approach to Efficient Data Handling in Web-based Process Control Systems

N.V. Tkachuk, V.A. Shekhovtsov (Ukraine), D.V. Kuklenko (Ukraine, Austria), and H.C. Mayr (Austria)


Process Control Systems, Efficient Data Processing


Nowadays the Web-oriented paradigm is established for many kinds of information systems, and it becomes a ne cessity in the domain of remote technical process control. This paper proposes an approach to efficient data handling in Web-based Process Control Systems (PCS) with spe cifically respecting their distributed multi-level architec ture. The approach is based on a development framework consisting of the following three main components: XML/DTD-data modeling, intelligent data processing and enhanced control data visualizing. The paper presents appropriate concepts and software architecture solutions, and discusses some implementation issues for that pur pose.

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