Java Software Development Kit (SDK) for UPnP Control Point

H. El Akkaoui, T.-e. Rachidi, W. Mernissi, K. Loudiyi, and I. Al-Bahadly (Morocco)


UPnP, Home automation, Java SDK, Smarthomes


Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a protocol proposed by Microsoft to take over the growing market of home networks. UPnP enlarges the scope of the well-known Plug and Play (PnP) protocol for peripherals to include home appliances, devices, and anything that can be connected to a network. Unlike most of its competitors, UPnP achieves real language and platform independence by leveraging of well established technologies such IP and Web services (XML/SOAP and XML/GENA) for transporting messages between devices and controllers around home networks. To date there are no Java Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for developers of Smarthome and home automation applications based on UPnP. This paper describes the design and architecture patterns for a UPnP Control Point SDK implementation in Java intended to compensate for this lack. The SDK is UPnP compliant, and offers the necessary services for Java developers of UPnP compliant applications. The paper also describes implementation details as well as verification and validation tests.

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