Control Vibrations with a Pendular Absorber using Predictive Algorithms

V.-G. Benjamín and S.-A. Irma (Mexico)


System Identification, Optimization and Automation, Nonlinear systems, Vibration control, Disturbance re jection.


Vibrating machinery are represented by dynamical sys tems, some of them are highly non linear, then nonlin ear controllers such as the very well known geomet ric approaches are required in order to control the machinery vibrations. The objective of this paper is to improve the performance obtained by control laws based on geometric techniques. We consider Nonlin ear Continuous Time Generalized Predictive Control (NCGPC) has better performance because the devel opment is based on output prediction and optimization criteria in order to get the required energy, to tune the pendular vibrations absorber. In this paper the pen dular vibrations absorber represents some machinery and is controlled by NCGPC.

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