Case-based Reasoning to Enhance Diagnosis and CSP Model Debugging in Interoperability Testing: ADIOP

M.H. Squalli (Saudi Arabia) and E.C. Freuder (Ireland)


Intelligent Data Systems and Computing, Case-Based Rea soning, Constraint Satisfaction, Diagnosis.


ADIOP is an application for Automated Diagnosis of Inter Operability Problems. Interoperability testing involves check ing the degree of compatibility between two networking de vices that implement the same protocol. Modeling, Diagno sis, and Model Debugging are the three main areas addressed by ADIOP. ADIOP proposes a framework that uses the Con straint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) paradigm to define a mod eling language and problem solving mechanism for interop erability testing, and uses Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) for debugging interoperability test cases. The specific domain of application is interoperability testing of protocols in Asyn chronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. The primary contributions of this paper is the detection and debugging of incompleteness and incorrectness in CSP models of interoperability test cases, and the improvement of the diagnosis of interoperability problems. This is done through the integration of two modes of reasoning, namely CBR and CSP. CBR manages cases that store information about updating models as well as cases that are related to inter operability problems where diagnosis in ADIOP fails to gen erate a useful explanation. For the latter cases, CBR recalls previous similar useful explanations.

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