Adding Collaboration to a Case-based Helpdesk System

K. Shchekotykhin, H. Semmelrock, and H.C. Mayr (Austria)


Knowledge management, Collaboration, Helpdesk, Tacit knowledge.


Industrial companies adopt knowledge management to save and exploit the knowledge and the innovative power of their employees. Managers of these companies face both, the social organization of knowledge creation, and the technical aspects of implementing knowledge management tools within their environment. This article describes an approach to knowledge oriented employee support, which is based on codification and collaboration. In particular, we will focus on adding "collaboration" functionality to a case-based helpdesk system of the "codification" type thus exploiting the advantages of both concepts. Thus, the goal of our approach is comparable to some extent to the one taken in [1] under the heading "From Expert Systems to Systems of Experts for Knowledge".

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