Wafer Motion Control of a Clean Tube System

C.H. Choi, D.H. Shin, and H.G. Lee (Korea)


Clean tube system, force modeling, control algorithm.


This paper presents a force model of the clean tube system, which was developed as a means for transferring the air-floated wafers inside the closed tube filled with the super clean air. The recovering force from the holes for floating wafers is modeled as a linear spring and thus the wafer motion is modeled as a mass-spring-damper system. The propelling forces are modeled as linear along with the wafer location. The paper also proposes the control method to emit and stop a wafer at the center of a control unit. It shows the minimum value of the propelling force to leave from the control unit. In order to stop the wafer, it utilizes the exact time when a wafer arrives at the position to activate the propelling force. Experiments with the clean tube system built for 12 inch wafer shows the validity of the proposed model and the algorithm.

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