Implement-by-wire Control of Electrohydraulic Closed Center Systems for Mobile Equipment Applications

S. Cetinkunt, U. Pinsopon, C. Chen, A. Egelja, and S. Anwar (USA)


X-by-wire control systems, implement-by-wire, positive flow control (PFC), electo-hydraulic(EH) two-stage proportional valve, variable displacement pump, wheel loader (WL), construction equipment


Digitally controlled electro-hydraulic (EH) closed center valves and pressure sensing hydraulic pump systems have been quickly replacing the older generation of hydro-mechanically controlled (pilot actuated, mechanically controlled) open center valves and fixed displacement pump systems in mobile equipment applications such as earth moving and construction equipment (i.e. wheel loaders, excavators, harvesters). With carefully designed and coordinated motion control systems, the power efficiency of the hydraulic system can be improved using closed center EH systems to the point that significant fuel savings can be achieved. Furthermore, the machine behavior can be optimized for different applications via real-time control software. Such capabilities were not possible in hydromechanically controlled systems. Energy efficiency, high performance, software based re-congurability and reliability are the main objectives in design of EH systems for mobile equipment applications.

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