Controlling a Ball Balancing Device via Web

G. Carnevali and G. Buttazzo (Italy)


Real-time, Virtual Laboratory, E-learning, Ball Balancing.


Performing remote control experiments via web is becom ing an attractive possibility for distant learning, allowing students to access resources they do not have and run ex periments much longer than usual. This paper describes the hardware and software architecture for developing a virtual laboratory environment for running real-time con trol experiments over the internet through a standard web browser. Using the proposed approach, a remote user can connect to the virtual lab, run a control experiment on a physical device, change the control parameters, and inter act with the real-time system to receive the desired state in formation. The robotic application considered in this paper is a ball balancer, a two-degrees-of-freedom rotating plate that has to be controlled to keep a ball in a desired location. Ball position and speed are detected by vision, through a fixed CCD camera.

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