The Human-Machine Interaction through the UJI Telerobotic Training System

R. Marín and P.J. Sanz (Spain)


Telerobotics; Multimedia Robotics; Human-RobotInteraction; Educational Robotics.


The paper gives an overview description of a web based telerobotic training system, which allows students to practice the classroom theoretical concepts into a virtual 3D robotics environment as well as a real robot via Web. The user interface is implemented using JAVA, and the interaction with the robot is accomplished through a 3D virtual and augmented reality environment, using mouse clicks as well as a simplification of the natural language. This system has been used for undergraduate students in our University during the last two years, within the robotics subject in their curricula. By means of this kind of telerobotics Lab, we let available some very expensive resources (real robots) to many students at the same time, getting a way to promote their auto-learning possibilities. In fact, students improve the skills in some basic topics in Robotics, thanks to a successful combination between practical and theoretical activities. Preliminary results show a first usability evaluation of this system, and updated statistics of the system usage.

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