"Robot Picking System (RPS)" – Automated Order Picking with Industrial Robots

C. Wurll and B. Schnoor (Germany)


Sensor-based de-palletizing; Mixed palletizing; Robotics in Logistics, Distribution Center


In this paper, we present a new approach to automate the order picking process combining the "Pick To Belt" and "Pick From Belt" principle. The developed Robot Picking System (RPS) consist of different modular components for typical tasks in distribution centers. Here, we have set up two system components for the automated sensor based de-palletizing of single cases from homogenous pallets and for mixed palletizing at the end of a belt. Several companies have worked together to set up a demonstration cell in the Tech-Center of one partner. This pilot installation was used to develop and optimize the single subcomponents (e.g. image recognition, gripper concept, palletizing software, process control, etc.). In the following chapters, the different components are explained in detail together with the achieved results.

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