Design and Simulation of a Virtual Walking Machine based on Gait Analysis

J. Yoon, J. Ryu, K.-B. Lim, and Y.-M. Na (Korea)


Locomotion, Walking Machine, Gait, and Rehabilitation


This paper presents the design of a Virtual Walking Machine (VWM) based on gait analysis. The VWM is composed of a fifteen degree-of-freedom hybrid serial parallel mechanisms that allow relative rotation between toe and heel, omni-directional rotation, and natural walking distance. To simulate natural human walking and apply the VWM for gait rehabilitation, the VWM design specifications are discussed, used in conjunction to optimally design the proposed VWM. The designed VWM can allows walking (step: 1m, height: 20cm, load capability: 100kg, slope: 35 deg) in virtual environments with plane ground and uneven terrain such as slope and stair. A prototype of the VWM is currently under construction.

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