Architecture Optimization of a Planar 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator

I.E. Maghaddam and M. Bahrami (Iran)


3-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulator, Workspace Optimization


This paper presents a study of the optimization of a planar 3-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) parallel manipulator. In this mechanism, the prismatic actuators are fixed to the based which leads to a reduction of of the moving links inertia , hence makes it attractive, particularly when high speeds are required and electric actuation is considered. This manipulator can be used in robotic applications involving the positioning and orientation of a rigid body on a plane with stiffness and accuracy. The mechanism is introduced and then based on geometry of the manipulator a workspace analysis is performed. Optimization of work space will be regarded with 3 different methods: Monte Carlo, Exact Method and Global Condition Index. The results are compared. A new approach is proposed to overcome link interference and give certainty to computational analysis.

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