An Integration of Different Motion Planners

K. Døring, H.G. Petersen, and M.L. Petersen (Denmark)


Motion planning, integration, applications


In this paper, we address the problem of robot motion planning for redundant robots. We consider both the two following important classes of motion planning problems: The planning of a collision free path between two given points in joint space is one class. The planning of colli sion free paths such that the tool of the robot follows a pre scribed trajectory (possibly at a certain speed) is the other class. We show how the very different motion planning al gorithms associated with these two classes can be inte grated efficiently for redundant robot applications where both types of problems occur. To achieve this integra tion, we have developed a generic meta-planner that uses the motion planners for the two classes as server planners. We test our integrated motion planner on a simple situation where the meta planner can choose between only two mo tion planners (one for each class), and illustrate how it can be used on a flexible pick and place platform using a 7-axis Mitsubishi PA-10 robot.

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