Searching Motion Planning Strategies for a Mobile Robot

G. Arechavaleta-Servín and R. Swain-Oropeza (Mexico)


Mobile robot, motion planning, visibility regions.


Navigation is a fundamental task for mobile robots. One of the main steps in navigation is try to solve the motion, decision and planning problem. This paper presents the implementation of three visibility and probabilistic based motion planning methods, in order to produce roadmaps that give good coverage of free configuration space of a known workspace. Roadmaps, allow generation of geometric trajectories, in order to move a robot from its current position and orientation to the goal position and orientation, in a structured and static workspace as a part of a general navigation task. The first method implemented, only uses the visibility notion. The second method, uses only the probabilistic approach and the last one, uses advantages of the probabilistic approach and the visibility notion. These methods have been implemented on our mobile robot platform and the experimental results are shown.

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